Now is the perfect time to start planning for your Spring custom build!

✨️Did you know: we work with both homeowners and investors?

✨️Did you know: the planning process for residential new construction can take 2-4 months, from the start of designing to obtaining a building permit from the city?

✨️Did you know: we can help you with every single step of the process for your new construction project?

✨️We specialize in new construction of single family homes & small multi-unit buildings in Chicago and would love to work with you!

What we provide comes in 5 broad phases. Hire us for one or all phases.

PHASE 1: Understanding Your Vision To ensure we are on the same page—and the best fit for your project—we offer a complimentary detailed discussion about timeline, budget, scope of work, and your vision to get a crystal clear idea of expectations and wishes.

PHASE 2: Planning & Design Everything that leads up to (and including) submitting the completed architectural plans to the city for a building permit.

Source bids from our contractors once plans are complete

If there are any changes to the architectural plans required from the city, we will coordinate with the architect and advise

PHASE 3: Documents & Contracts Once you hire us as your General Contractor to build the project, we put all contracts and paperwork in place so everyone involved is legally protected.

PHASE 4: Construction Break ground and build!

PHASE 5: Furnishing & Styling Whether you are listing this for sale, or for rent, or plan to live in it, we can help.

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