Find Your Joy

Have you heard of Peloton? If so, chances are you’ve done a ride or two and have a favorite instructor. Or two or three. Umm, what the heck does this have to do with real estate? Keep reading, I promise, it will all come together. 🙂

Did you ever notice how dang good looking these people are? I mean does the company just hire pretty people? Let’s face it, they are b-e-a-utiful. What with their chic makeup, coordinating Peloton labeled workout gear, and professionally styled hair. They sure know how to put on a show! But have you ever stopped to ask: What makes them so dang attractive?

Yeah, they’re really fun. And they play great music. And they even sweat with us. No doubt, important factors for a successful group fitness class. But that’s all just part of the game. Their façade, if you will. Not that they’re trying to dupe us. Not at all! But this outer layer that they show to the world, their students and devotees, is just that. An outer layer. There’s something else. Something much, much deeper about these striking individuals. Behind the makeup, the up-dos, and designer garb. You feel it every time they smile. It’s called joy.

Joy? Yes, JOY. Not happiness, joy. Make no mistake–happiness is a wonderful feeling, and I wish it for everyone! But joy is stronger, deeper, more reliable. Unlike happiness, joy is not dependent on any outside force. It doesn’t fluctuate up and down and back and forth, depending on what’s happening in your life on any given day. Joy comes from within, and you can connect with it at any time, for any reason. That’s the key though: It’s up to you to find it. We do not wait on anyone or anything to find our joy.

Here’s a tip–Gratitude. When we feel grateful—grateful for our health, a safe place to live, someone we love, our pet, the sunset, a warm meal, the shoes on our feet, anything–it is easy to connect to joy. And when one is joyful, their whole being radiates, from the inside out.

This is what I witness in Peloton instructors. I’m not here to promote anyone, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention some of my personal faves. (If for no other reason than to give you a frame of reference for this post.) Robin Arzon, Jess King, Cody Rigsby–can’t get enough of ’em. Why? Besides being totally awesome cycling instructors, it’s also very clear to me that they are just darn grateful people. Grateful for what? I don’t know for sure. But if I had to make an educated guess, I’d say, pretty much everything. And gratitude brings joy. And that joy brings a feeling of intense, deep, all-encompassing satisfaction and appreciation. You can see the joy in their smiles. You can feel it in the words they say, and the way they deliver their messages.

This is how Greg & I feel with the work that we do! Our job is about SO much more than flipping houses and making money. I mean, the money is great. And the adventure of being a real estate investor, in and of itself, is super exciting. But on top of all this, there is an incredible opportunity to connect with humanity. To connect with people, in some sort of meaningful way, each and every day. And that brings a real sense of gratitude.

Gratitude Leads To Joy.

Whether it’s helping a struggling homeowner, or meeting with new buyers who knew they wanted our rehabbed house the minute they walked inside. Whether we are ordering from a tile supplier, or hiring a landscaper to spruce up the curb appeal on an upcoming new build. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living! House flipper, interior designer, general contractor, school teacher, fitness instructor, office manager, mortgage banker, bartender, vegan burger flipper…It doesn’t matter! You can find joy by connecting in some sort of meaningful way with anyone who crosses your path. OK, OK, it can’t be that easy, right? Wrong!

How does one find joy? One method that works for us is simply by shifting my perspective about someone’s inherent value as a human being. That is I stop looking at them merely as a means to an end: eg: a vendor who can give me what I need to get my remodel done quicker and cheaper. Instead I pause and ask myself the following: Who are they, where are they coming from, and how can I serve them? Now, you don’t have to do this every single time with every single person you speak to. In fact, I’d recommend not obsessing over it because if you do, you might not get anything done. 😉 The point is, gratitude can be found by simply transforming the way we think and perceive others and the world around us.

And Gratitude Leads to Joy.

Are you up for the challenge? Try it! I am confident, if you are able and willing to give this task a go, you will discover more gratitude, more appreciation, and by default, more joy. Please share your thoughts below if you are already implementing this in your own life. We’d love to hear about your experiences!

Go. Find Your Joy.

With Love & Gratitude,

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