“Budget-Friendly Pool Deck Ideas for Your Backyard”

“Building a deck around an above-ground pool is a great addition to your backyard, but it can get really expensive. Here are affordable ways to build a pool deck without sacrificing style or quality.” By Hiranmayi Srinivasan

We have been so fortunate over the last few months to connect with a writer at Better Homes & Gardens. And Gregory’s expertise in all things related to home renovations and general contracting have really come in handy!

Hira, the author, was kind enough to include us in not 1 but 2 articles on BHG! Being able to share our knowledge and experience with people is part of our mission here at Property People. It’s great to connect with individuals on a one-to-one basis. But if we’re going to truly have an impact on community AND humanity, then we want to be able to reach more people in a shorter amount of time.

Take a look at the article and let us know if you have any questions. Feel free to share your comments below as well! <3

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